Turbo Technical

History of turbochargers, VNT, high flowing, bearing systems, water cooling, model designations, wastegates, terminology, etc - for all applications.

# Article Title
1 Air/Fuel Ratio: Rich vs. Lean (Hot!)
2 Borg Warner EFR Turbocharger Training Guide (Hot!)
3 Compression Ratio with Boost Pressure (Hot!)
4 Correct Wastegate Installation Guide (Hot!)
5 Garrett by Honeywell Ball Bearing Turbochargers (Hot!)
6 Garrett by Honeywell Electronic Actuators (Hot!)
7 Garrett by Honeywell Turbo Model Designation (Hot!)
8 GCG Turbocharger Fitting Instructions
9 History of the VNT Turbocharger (Hot!)
10 How much shaft play should my dual ball bearing turbo have? (Hot!)
11 How a turbo system works (Hot!)
12 Internal & External Wastegates (Hot!)
13 Journal Bearing vs. Ball Bearing Performance (Hot!)
14 Log Style vs. Tubular Style Manifolds (Hot!)
15 MAPS - Choke Line (Hot!)
16 MAPS - Compressor Maps (Hot!)
17 MAPS - Efficiency Islands (Hot!)
18 MAPS - Mass Flow Rate (Hot!)
19 MAPS - Plotting Points on a Map (Hot!)
20 MAPS - Pressure Ratio (Hot!)
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