This Hot side replacement silicone hose is designed to replace the factory rubber item on the Holden Colorado 2.8L 2013-2016 model.

It replaces the factory rubber hose off the turbo with a heavy duty high temperature silicone alternative with heavy duty reinforcement wire. Not only will it handle more temperature, but it is also has a SPECIAL OIL RESISTANT Internal lining.

It is extremely easy to fit, and comes with stainless breeze clamps.

Available in Black only

Product Features:

  • Special Reinforced Silicone construction
  • Silicone nomex Oil and Heat resistant layer – special Plazmaman design
  • Shortens the hot side by approx 40% in length
  • Awesome increases in throttle response and torque through out the rpm range
  • Supplied with quality stainless hose clamps
  • Available in OEM Black only

Product Notes:

Please use the product images as a reference to your vehicle (some Colorados have a revised intercooler system and this hose may be too short).



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