JLM Engine Oil Booster 250ml PRO

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The essential lubricating and cooling effect of engine oil decreases the older the oil becomes. Maintenance intervals are becoming ever longer and cars are taken to the garage less often. The engine oil is changed less frequently, as a result of which the engine components wear more quickly. As a result of this the engine does not last as long and fuel consumption is higher.

JLM Engine Oil Booster Pro contains a high concentration of additives which ensure that the oil adheres more effectively to the moving parts in the engine, improve lubrication and reduce friction and wear on the parts.

Engine Oil Booster Pro is particularly suitable for engines that often travel short distances. These engines do not heat up sufficiently, as a result of which the moisture in the engine does not evaporate. Engine Oil Booster Pro gives the oil in these engines a pick-me-up and ensures that moisture has no chance of affecting the components or the oil.
All modern cars with a diesel engine have a diesel particulate filter. The car's electronics ensure that soot in the filter is burned while driving on the motorway or when the engine is under a heavy load. This is known as regeneration or cleaning.

The fuel system sprays additional diesel fuel into the cylinders to clean the diesel particulate filter. The excess diesel ends up in the filter to burn the accumulated soot. If this type of regeneration is ended prematurely and is incomplete, the excess diesel finds its way into the oil reservoir (sump) on the engine.

The diesel in the reservoir makes the engine oil thinner and thinner, the oil level rises. If the oil level is too high, the engine sucks oil out of the crankcase breather. The engine then starts to run on the diesel/oil mixture and can no longer be switched off.

Oil Booster Pro, together with Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner, ensures that the diesel particulate filter is always properly cleaned and that diesel does not find its way into the engine oil.

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