JLM Turbocharger Pre Lube (20mL)

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SKU: JLM-J06010
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The JLM Turbo Pre Lube is aimed at the professional motor mechanic tasked with installing a turbo – whether new, a rebuild or second hand. The JLM Turbo Pre Lube provides crucial lubrication to the newly installed turbo.

Installing a turbo can be problematic, regardless of the level of skill deployed by a mechanic. There can be a delay of up to 30 seconds between the engine starting and oil reaching the bearings. This can lead to a seizure and even cause a degree of premature wear on the engine. Using the JLM Turbo Pre Lube this does not happen. Our product lubricates the turbocharger. It has been made to the highest specification with a high load bearing film that coats all the moving parts. Premature wear is prevented. This means that the time delay of the oil reaching the turbo is no longer a problem. The professional motor factor stockist can sell the JLM Turbo Pre Lube every time they sell a turbo. For the professional motor mechanic, a potential problem is solved with this easy to apply product and they can add its cost to the final bill.

Product Use:

Use one tube (20mL) when intalling a new or rebuilt Turbocharger.

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