Nissan Patrol GQ TD42 Turbo Kit (Intercooled)

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HPD Turbo upgrade kits are an excellent way to gain safe and reliable power and torque for your naturally aspirated vehicle.

We use a Garrett turbocharger combined with braided oil and water lines, HPD CNC machined adaptor flanges, HPD custom manufactured 3" air intake, custom HPD dump pipe and cast log style manifolds for high flow and OEM reliability.

Exhaust Manifold & Dump Pipe:

When HPD designed and built this turbo kit, they used an OEM style cast log manifold with a T28 base plate design allowing them to run Garrett GT28 Series turbochargers as they are a great match for the TD42 engine. This setup is complimented with a custom HPD 3” dump pipe with an EGT sensor provision for those who choose to run a Exhaust Gas Temperature probe for keeping an eye on exhaust temps. The benefit to this dump pipe is that it allows the owner to run most factory turbo GU Patrol aftermarket exhaust systems as a direct bolt on.


Intercooling your turbo kit is important if you are looking to run more that 8-10psi of boost, however which intercooler to choose depends on a couple of things. If you intend on towing a large load, live in a hot arid climate or decide to run a larger turbo option, then we suggest you should run either of HPD's Series 2 Intercoolers, as they are bigger and capable of a larger volume of air with a higher thermal efficiency operating at these more aggressive conditions. Should you be looking to go from N/A to Turbocharged and not looking to push your vehicle past 110-120kw mark, and are running the standard GT2860RS Turbo option, then a Series 1 Intercooler will be the intercooler of choice. There are 4 intercoolers avaible to be used in this kit:


The turbocharger that is supplied as the base option for the GQ TD42 turbo kit is the Garrett GT2860RS. We have found that this turbocharger compliments the characteristics of the 4.2ltr TD42 motor very well. Combining a fast spool rate with reliable power and substantial torque, we feel like this option will satisfy 90% of customers looking for better towing capability, highway speeds and general 4wd application.

Should you be looking for a little more power, torque and performance, the next step up from Garretts GT Series is the new GTX Gen II Series. These turbos move some serious air speed and are capable of running from 20-30psi all day. Not only are they capable of higher boost application, but they also spool up faster, hold boost longer and have an extremely efficient billet compressor wheel. Additional features inclide the added provision for a compressor wheel speed sensor and anti-surge slots meaning better performance across the board.

GT2860RS - This turbo option with 3" exhaust and series one intercooler you can expect between 90-100rwkw on standard tyres.

GTX2860 GEN II - This turbo option with a HPD Series 2 intercooler and 3" exhaust system you can expect between 110-130kw (with GU boost compensated injector pump) on standard tyres

GTX2867 GEN II - This turbo option with a HPD Series 2 intercooler and 3" Exhaust system you can expect between 150rwkw+ UP TO 200kw (with supporting mods) on standard tyres.

NOTE: Results may vary from vehicle to vehicle. Information provided here is meant as a guide only as there are many factors that may affect overall power output.

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