Cummins Industrial DAF JI Case 6BTA-590 5.9L 3802289

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SKU: HOL3522778
Application: Cummins Truck 6BTA-590, 6T-590, 6T590, 6BTA590 5.9L 1989-2010
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Brand: Holset
Type: H1C

  • 1986- DAF Truck 45/50/1900/2000 with 6T, 6BTA Engine
  • 1986- Cummins Various with 6T, 6BTA Engine
  • 1989-10 J.I. Case Various with 6BTA-590, 6T-590 Engine

Engine Manufacturer: Cummins
Engine Model: 6BTA-590, 6T-590, 6T590, 6BTA590 5.9L
Fuel Type: Diesel
OEM Part Number: CBU1344R, J919113, J919115, J919117, J919121, 3802289, J907026, J907028, 3802289, J919115, J919117, J919121, J919113, J907026, J907028, J907029, 1240544H91, 3802115, 3802289, 3907026, 3907027, 3907028, 3907029
Turbocharger Part Number: HOL3522778
Previous Versions: 3522777

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