Outlet Flange Garrett GTX30/35 T04Z GTW

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SKU: G774175-0001
Turbine Housing Outlet V-Band Flange to suit Garrett's GT30/GTX30, GT35/GTX35, GTW and T04Z.
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Turbine Housing Outlet V-Band Flange suits Garrett GTX30R/GT30R/GTX35R/GT35R/GTW3684/GTW3884/T04Z Series

This flange is made to suit the entire range of V-Band outlet Garrett turbine housings found on the GT3071R, GTX3071R, GT3082R, GTX3576R, GT3582R and GTX3582R. (T3 Single Entry, T04 Single Entry, T3 Split Pulse, V-Band Single Entry and V-Band Dual Entry)

It will also fit genuine Garrett T04 split pulse turbine housings only, used on both the T04Z, and GTW36/GTW38 range (0.70a/r, 0.84a/r, 1.00a/r, 1.15a/r, 1.2a/r, 1.52a/r and 1.75a/r).


  • Mild Steel
  • Designed for 3.0" Exhaust Outlet
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