Ford Falcon BA/BF GTX3582R GEN II Turbocharger Upgrade

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Garrett GTX3582R GEN II Ball Bearing Bolt On Upgrade to suit the Ford Falcon XR6T BA/BF Model
T/Housing Ceramic Coating (7 business days)
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Introducing, the all new GEN II GTX3582R Ford Falcon Bolt On Turbocharger!

This custom built Garrett GTX3582R GEN II is designed as a bolt on Upgrade Turbochargers for the Ford Falcon BA/BF XR6 Turbo. With 800 flywheel horesepower capabilities, the GTX3582R GEN II is for the serious users who want to make over 600rwhp, in a low mounted factory bolt on combination. The GTX3582R GEN II comes with a specifically designed Stainless Steel 1.15a/r Turbine Housing, with a HUGE 38mm wastegate port, and 42mm Wastegate flapper.

  • Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
  • Cooling System:Oil & Water Cooled
  • Horsepower: 600-800hp
  • Application: Ford Falcon XR6 BA/BF Models
  • Actuator: GCG Billet 14psi (supplied with additional 5psi spring to bring the minimum boost to 19psi if required)
  • Expected Power: Proven 500rwkw+ with supporting modifications, and E85 fuel


  • Turbine Housing - 1.15a/r Stainless Steel Turbine Housing allows for the ultimate in performance, without sacrificing excessive boost response.
  • Factory Turbo Orientation - Oil Feed, Oil Drain, Water Lines and Dump Pipe connection is in an identical position to the factory setup, allowing for easy re-fitment.
  • Factory Turbo Position - These turbochargers still look very similar to a factory unit, and utilize the factory manifold, and exhaust system.
  • Ultimate Boost Control - Largest Wastegate Porting, and largest Wastegate flapper to match, ensuring consistent boost control throughout the rev range.
  • Supporting Re-Fitment Parts - Exhaust studs, locking nuts for the dump pipe, and a complete turbocharger gasket kit is included.


  • Air Inlet Hose/Pipe - The factory turbocharger has a 3.0" Inlet, the GTX3582R GEN II has a 4.0" Inlet. A simple reducer hose, or a little fabrication may be required to adapt to your existing setup. Alternatively, you could use the Process West 4.0" Race Airbox in the related items below, specific for the BA/BF Falcon 4.0" Inlet Upgrades.
  • Air Outlet Hose/Pipe - The factory turbocharger has a 2.0" Outlet, the GTX3582R GEN II has a 2.5" Outlet. Again, this can be as simple as a reducer hose, or some slight fabrication to make it all go together.

Thats It! - Extremely simple to re-fit, with minimal modifications to adapt to your existing setup!

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