GCG 1JZ-GTE Twin Turbo High Flow Upgrade

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SKU: TOY17201-46010H
GCG High Flow & Steel Wheel Turbocharger Upgrade to suit the Toyota 1JZ-GTE Twin Turbo
T/Housing Ceramic Coating (7 business days)
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GCG's Toyota 1JZ-GTE Twin Turbo High Flow Upgrades include replacement of the standard ceramic turbine wheel with a steel turbine wheel.

These turbochargers are 100% bolt on, retaining the factory appearance.

Turn-around time is 3-4 days.

NOTE - This is an upgrade performed on YOUR turbochargers, so once you've placed the order, you will need to send your turbochargers to us.



  • Your turbochargers are stripped, cleaned, dipped and sandblasted.
  • All neccessary machining and preparation is made in order to build the CHRA.
  • The new steel turbine wheel and upgrade compressor wheel are statically balanced.
  • The CHRA is assembled, using all new upgraded parts.
  • The CHRA is VSR balanced.
  • The Compressor housing is machined to suit the larger compressor wheel.
  • The Actuators are tested.
  • The Turbocharger set is completely assembled, with replacement studs/nuts if required.
  • The Turbocharger set is returned, with a full gasket kit included, and a tube of Liqui Moly Turbo Lube (not pictured).



  • The boost response on these units is near identical to the factory response.
  • 25% increase in power (with mild supporting modifications).
  • 35%+ increase in power with the use of further supporting modifications (ie: FMIC, aftermarket ECU, E85 fuel, exhaust, adjustable cam gears, aftermarket intake pipe etc).
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