GCG In-House Repair of the common BMW N54 Wastegate Rattle Issue

The BMW N54 Twin Turbo "Wastegate Rattle" is quite a common issue that a lot of owners experience, generally at low throttle or idle, but most noticable when letting off the throttle as RPM decreases. Wastegate Rattle is caused by the wastegate flapper moving around inside the wastegate arm; this movement is usually caused by a worn flapper bush, or the wastegate arm itself is worn. The rattle is presented when the flapper moves around, and makes contact with either the turbine housing, or the wastegate arm itself. As the engine naturally produces vibration whilst running, the rattle is amplified, and can be heard through the exhaust system. In some cases, the actual issue does not cause any noticable difference in power delivery, or turbo response. However, it can be a huge annoyance as it will happen regulary in stop-start driving conditions.

GCG offers a fix on this issue in house, by fitting an aftermarket heavy duty repair components, consisting of:

  • 2 x New Wastegate Flappers
  • 2 x New Turbine Housing Bushes
  • 2 x New Actuator Rod Ends
  • 2 x External Wastegate Arms
  • 2 x New Wastegate R-Clips

The service is ranges between $660.00 and $880.00 per set of turbochargers (2). Pricing varies as some assemblies are in much worse condition than others.