Ceramic Coating the turbine housing has practical, and aesthetic advantages.

Ceramic Coating's primary function is to keep engine bay temperatures down, which in turn can have many benefits:

  • Reducing temperatures of all fast moving, high heat components, to prevent thermal fatigue, thus reducing component lifespan.
  • Isolates the heat and prevents it from spreading into the engine bay.
  • Significantly reduces friction, which is extremely important with high rpm, low tolerance, high-performance components.
  • Increase turbocharger efficiency - remember, more heat = less power.
  • Prevents Corrosion/Surface Rust.
  • Available in Black & Silver - Colour choices are found on each individual turbocharger, and turbine housing.

The coating also provides a long lasting, show quality finish, whether it be in the polished Silver look, or a Flat Black finish for the stealth look. Of course, this coating isn't limited to turbine housings, if you require any components ceramic coated, contact us today!