Here at GCG Turbochargers Australia Pty Ltd, we pride ourselves on having the BEST turbocharger modification premises in Australia.

A lot of custom turbochargers are built every day here at GCG Turbocharger - custom high flows, custom turbine housing adaptation, manufacturing of custom v-band flanges, back plates and adaptors; the list goes on. Here is a list of common modifications performed daily in our workshop:

  • Wastegate Porting - Machining the Wastegate Port to a larger size in applicable turbine housings to allow for improved boost control. This also allows us the fitment of a larger wastegate flapper.
  • High Flowing - Fitting a larger compressor wheel, or turbine wheel to allow for increased airflow, or prevent high exhaust gas temperatures - we have a huge range of billet compressor wheels to suit various applications.
  • Custom Buildups - Building the ideal turbocharger from three or four different off the shelf turbochargers. Sometimes in various forms of racing, an off the shelf turbocharger just isn't going to be ideal for the application, so we can take various parts from a range of turbochargers in the same frame size to make the ideal combination for the vehicle.
  • Ball Bearing Conversions - Fitting Garrett Ball Bearing core assemblies, to factory manufacturers end housings. Fast spooling, increased airflow, and modern technology, all in the effort to make the most power, from a factory looking turbocharger.
  • V-Band Assemblies - Designing, modifying, welding and fitting V-Band assemblies to turbochargers that may have come with an unusual v-band flange, or bolt pattern on the rear housing.
  • Adapting non-standard turbine housings - Modifying various series of turbine housings to adapt to different turbochargers, where the desired housing option isn't available off the shelf. Custom adaptors, weld in sleeves, turbine wheel sink-ins - all done in house.
  • Other one off custom work - Actuator bracket modifications, custom flanges, custom back plates, one off oil and water line kits, machining compressor housings for speed sensor fitment, one off compressor wheel fitment, modifying a turbine housing to have an external wastegate attached directly to it, machining down compressor housings for tight fitments...the custom modification list goes on! If you have a custom request, or any further enquiries on what GCG can do for you, please Contact Us.