At GCG Turbos, we don’t just sponsor cars, we support our Team GCG Turbos Ambassadors. To be a Team GCG Turbos Ambassador, you must be able to show that you can consistently promote GCG Turbos in a positive light, to a large and relevant market.

Borg Warner EFR Turbocharger overview at SEMA 2016

Borg Warner's Application Engineer, Seth Temple, runs us through the feature packed Borg Warner EFR Turbochargers, and explains why they are the ultimate turbocharger for low RPM response, with no sacrifice in top end horsepower!

Presented by Motive DVD

Garrett's GEN II GTX Turbochargers Revealed at SEMA 2016

Garrett Australia talks us through the benefits of the new GTX GEN II range of Turbochargers! Plus, Ken Block tells us why he has decided to twin turbocharge his AWD Ford Mustang!

Presented by Motive DVD

Infiniti Preparing The World's First Variable Compressor Engine for 2018

The ability to vary an engine’s compression ratio has been a “holy grail” quest of engine engineers for decades, because “one size” of compression ratio cannot possibly fit all the operating conditions required of a typical internal combustion-powered vehicle. Saab tried hinging the upper half of the engine in 2000, various other inventors have envisioned racks and pinions to vary the piston position relative to stroke, Lotus suggested a movable piston in the cylinder head to vary the clearance volume, and much more recently FEV demonstrated an eccentric piston-pin that provided two distinct connecting rod lengths (and hence compression ratios) while an outfit called Lugo Developments showed a crazy cammed-crankshaft concept.

Cancer Council

Firstly, we'd like to thank everybody for their support, who gave a gold coin donation, in return for GCG stickers and patches at the recent World Time Attack Challenge. The total donations were given to the Cancer Council, which helps to fund cancer research, prevention and support programs for people affected by cancer.

Over the weekend, we raised an incredible $212.50!

Did you know that 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85? But thanks to the support of generous donors like you, almost 30% more Australians are alive today who would have otherwise died from cancer over 20 years ago. Donations from the community help to fund continued investment into research which has resulted in improvements in cancer prevention, screening and treatments.

Jake "Driftsquid" Jones at Australian Drifting Grand Prix round 1

Round 1 of the Just Car Insurance Australian Drifting Grand Prix was set to be a big one. Sure enough the Team was put on the edge for the entire weekend, with many ups and downs along the way. Before the Team even set off for the road trip to Victoria they had a huge one and a half weeks of work on the car. Many sleepless nights and tons of coffee got the job done though.

The Saturday started with a full day of practice. Heading out in the freshly tuned 400RWKW, the Just Cars Sonvia was set to make the ADVAN tyres diminish within a couple laps. However electrical problems started our day which lead into a string of issues we couldn't resolve in a short period. By the end of the day and changing every single spare part we had, the Sonvia just didn't want to play the game.

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